[How to make milk tea delicious_how to make homemade milk tea]

Milk tea is a very common drink in life. Milk tea has both milk flavor and bitterness. The combination of these two flavors is very good. Most people buy milk tea when they drink it, butEveryone knows that there are a lot of additives in the milk tea bought outside, and the taste of some milk tea is very weird, so how to make homemade milk tea?

Caramel vanilla milk tea: Ingredients: two tablespoons of white sugar, 250ml of pure milk, one spoon of vanilla powder, black tea moderation: 1.

First, pour 2 tablespoons of white granulated sugar into a pot, burn on high heat, burn white granulated sugar to caramel color; 2.

Add 250ml of pure milk; 3.

Add vanilla powder and black tea to continue, turn off the heat after the milk is boiled; 4.

Strain the cooked milk tea through a strainer several times before serving.

Brown Sugar Ginger Milk Tea: Ingredients: 20-25 grams of brown sugar, 1 bag of Sri Lanka black tea, 50ml black and white evaporated milk (also pure milk), 150ml whole milk, 200ml water, three slices of ginger

Water is poured into a milk pan and boiled, then add ginger slices and boil for a while, then turn off the heat and put in tea bags for 2-3 minutes; 2.

Add brown sugar and stir well. Pour black and white evaporated milk and whole milk and stir well.

Mongolian milk tea: Ingredients: 120ml of fresh milk, 6g of Assam black tea, seasoned with salt, small paste method: 1.

Boil the water, add Assam black tea and fresh milk, and boil again; 2.

Turn off the heat, strain immediately, pour into the tea set, add salt and a small piece of butter.

Milk tea: Ingredients: 2 black tea bags, 3 grams of instant coffee, 100ml black and white milk, 320ml water, 10g carbohydrate bag / cube sugar / granulated sugar.

Put the instant coffee and tea bag into the pan, add sugar and water and boil for one minute; 2.

Remove the tea bag, pour in the milk, and cook until there is a small bubble around the milk pan.

Royal milk tea: Ingredients: 8g black tea, 20ml pure milk, granulated sugar powder, 150ml water, cinnamon powder, powdered green tea.

Pour the water into a small cooking pot, boil the water, put the tea, and turn off the heat for one minute; 2.

2. Add caster sugar to the good tea soup, add milk according to your taste, and open fire; 3.

Cook on low heat for 3 minutes, always keep small bubbles on the edge of the pot, but there is no wide open, then turn off the heat and simmer for about one minute;

Filter the tea out of the cooking pot and serve.

Rose milk tea: Ingredients: milk, rose, puer tea, rock sugar are optional; practices: 1.

Put rose, Pu’er tea, and milk into the pot together 2.

Turn on a low heat and slowly cook until the skin is crusted, and when the milk and rose tea aromas are mixed, it will come out, (you can put rock sugar if you like sweetness)Already.