Fitness exercises before bed to lose weight and shape your body

After meals and at night, they are temporarily stacked and concentrated, so doing a few body-building exercises before bedtime is a good habit for professional women who often work overtime and can’t refuse mid-night snacks. It can lose weight and shape your body.

  Body-building exercises: 1.

Lie on your back with your feet together and slowly lift them, and slowly lower them when they reach 90 degrees with your body (the direction cannot be bent, you can’t press and hold your arms);

Stop at 30 cm from the bed, wait 1 minute, and do it 10 times.

  Note: The stop time is about 15?
30 seconds is enough to gradually increase the time to 2 minutes.

  Effect: Reduce weight, reduce hips, strengthen the waist, and eliminate excess meat in the lower abdomen and stomach.

  Body-building exercises two actions: 1.

Lie on the bed with your knees slightly bent, and hold your head with both hands (inhale); 2.

Hold your head with both hands, slowly lift your body off the bed, deflate abdomen, stop for about 10 seconds at the highest point, slowly flatten your body, and continue to do 20 times.

  Effect: This group of exercises can strengthen the waist, eliminate excess and excess meat, and achieve the effect of weight loss and bodybuilding.