Isn’t it 30 years old to be “yellow face woman”?

Women over the age of 30 are easily reminiscent of “yellow-faced women”. Some are men who turn her into yellow-faced women, and some are themselves who turn into yellow-faced women.Is it “Huanglian Po”?
  The answer is no. Older women over the age of 30 can become tender and whitening beauties.
Not to mention the female celebrities active on the screen, there are many older women around who still have enviable beautiful Xueji beauty.
I’m not afraid of dreams, I’m afraid of inadvertently changing. If you want to change the doom of being a yellow-faced wife and next wife, you must change yourself first .Wife. ”
For many people over the age of 30, plaque is an irresistible natural phenomenon, because with the increase of age, women’s internal endocrine disorders, functional aging, external wind and sun exposure, radiation erosion and other reasons, Will make a woman’s originally immaculate face grow nasty spots.
At this time, freckle becomes one of the necessary homework for not doing “Yellow Face Po”.
And we also know that freckle has always been a beauty problem, so choosing the right product is very important.
Here I recommend a romantic champelle freckle product that can easily find the right one, but also the budget of most household women.
To say that it is easy for people to choose the right one is because the romantic Champsé advocates dividing spots and treating, and adopting corresponding freckle methods for different pigment spots.
It is understood that when purchasing a product, first of all, the unique ultra-nano intelligent intelligent spot meter unique to the romantic Champs-Ely will be used to accurately identify the type of face spots on the customer, and then, a tailor-made set for the customer for different spotsSuitable for your freckle removal program, to achieve safe and thorough freckle removal.
It is said to be cost-effective, because on the occasion of May Day, the romantic Champs-Elysées will also launch a bold and shocking event-“May 1 Peak Juhui, free consumption!
“For anyone who purchases a full set of romantic Champs Elysees set products, the Romantic Champs Elysees will be distributed to consumers 12 times in a year.
Careful calculation, this is tantamount to providing consumers with a free freckle removal journey.
  Followed by makeup, as the saying goes, “three points depend on appearance, seven points depend on dressing”, makeup can make people look good, but light makeup is still recommended, so the difference before and after uninstallation will not be great, and the damage to the skin will be less.
Now I will teach you some techniques to change the makeup of the “yellow face woman”: the first is to adjust the skin color. People with a yellowish skin tone are more suitable for a reddish liquid foundation to make the face look better.
There are also different suggestions for different skin types: Women with medium dry skin are suitable to use a lotion with a whitening foundation base. Its delicate and smooth feel can make your skin look like fine porcelain, smooth and fair; and oily skin orWomen with rough pores and coarse skin can apply a moisturizing moisturizer and then lightly apply a layer of light powder. Its role is to have strong absorption and can effectively make up for the lack of rough skin.
  Third, it is maintenance, and there is another saying that goes well: “There are no ugly women, only lazy women.” No matter how good a product is, it cannot replace the usual maintenance, and diligence is the most important thing.
运动就不用说了,所谓生命在于运动,在这里小编主要教你几个保养皮肤技巧:  用纸面膜泡牛奶和普通护肤品搭配使用   牛奶可以让皮肤更加细腻,用纸面膜泡牛奶和普通护肤The combination of products not only makes the skin delicate, but also has a whitening effect, which can be described as a two-pronged approach.
  平时多喝蜂蜜和维生素E等有润肌白肤作用的食物   蜂蜜有润肌白肤的作用,由于蜂蜜营养丰富而多样化,又易被人体吸收利用,对于皮肤有滋润作用,尤其是冬季气候When dry, eat more honey to prevent skin cracking.
Many advanced cosmetics are made from honey, which shows that it has a good protective effect on the skin.
  Of course, there are many skin beauty techniques, which are not listed here. As long as you are careful about maintenance, you will definitely find the maintenance methods and tips that are suitable for you.