6 anti-aging guides to snip black spots

The traces of the years will creep up to our dumbbells as the annual increase grows.

However, in fact, skin aging is not necessarily caused by age, but may also be caused by mistakes in daily care.

In order to prevent our premature aging, let me point out a few black spots that make the skin aging earlier, so that everyone can prevent the skin from aging.


hzh {display: none; }  1.Do not want to close the skin without sunscreen. Many MM think that sunscreen isolation will cause skin pores to be blocked.

Causes acne and other hazards.

But in fact, ultraviolet radiation is certainly the number one killer of skin aging. Ultraviolet rays can even cause sunburn and tanning of the skin, which will cause sebum oxidation on the skin surface, decrease skin immunity, damage to the basement membrane, and cause damage to cell DNA.

In addition, more and more dirty and dirty air will cause skin cells to produce a large number of free radicals and toxins, causing them to lose their original elasticity, so aging will also occur.

  Strategy: Of course, basic daily skin care is important.

However, the last step of skin care during the day should be sun protection, because sun protection can prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging the skin and prevent external pollution.

If you find that the skin pores are blocked by sunscreen, you can remove your makeup when you go home to remove impurities from the skin and prevent acne.


Cuticle accumulation Many MMs believe that their skin is delicate and should avoid using exfoliating products as much as possible.

However, the base layer of the skin will continue to produce new cells to be transported to the upper layer. After the cells age, the cells will be shifted to the outer layer of old keratin, which will be replaced and replaced naturally when washing the face or sweating.

The stratum corneum is constantly renewed, and old waste cuticles are produced every day. The cuticles that should have been naturally metabolized and separated off will affect the rate of increase due to intensification, incomplete cleaning, and excessive oil production.Excessive accumulation at both ends will also expand pores with these excess keratin.

Causes rapid skin deterioration.

  Strategy: oily skin 2-3 times a week, dry skin 1-2 times a week.

When frosting, you need to focus on choosing more oily, thicker horny locations, lighter strength, and slower techniques.

However, the principle of exfoliating is too late, not too greedy. To give the skin time for self-regulation and self-regulation, it is best to cooperate with applying a mask to accelerate keratinocyte renewal and repair.


Alcohol control oil Many MM choose skin care products with alcohol content, especially toner, but in fact, after washing the face, the skin is moist and delicate, and sometimes even feels dry and tight.

If you use the skin toner containing alcohol directly, it will double the moisture of the skin surface and cause a certain degree of dehydration.

As a result, the skin is aging.

  Strategy: Alcohol can reduce inflammation and sterilization, but most toners do not lock water, so after rehydration, you should also rub water-locking gel or lotion and use pore shrinkage products to complete maintenance work and adjust tightness.For smooth, smooth skin.

Do not simply choose oil control products and ignore hydration.


Vigorously clean the acne, it must be that the face wash and makeup are not clean, quickly wash your face and replace it.


You must have never thought that over-cleaning would be the culprit of aging pores.

In the concept, the large pores are always attributed to the excessive secretion of oil. As everyone knows, if it is dry and aging pores, over cleaning will only make you worse.

In addition, you always irritate the skin for a long time under the condition of excessive cleansing, it is easy to cause skin inflammation problems, and the water retention will also decrease, and the skin will worsen unknowingly.

  Strategy: You should choose a makeup or cleansing product that suits your skin.

The number of times should be controlled twice a day, and the face should not be cleaned frequently and greatly. The number of times should be reasonably arranged according to the nature of the skin. The more you wash, the better.

Acne can also be caused by excessive skin irritation.


There are a variety of baby products on the market for alternative baby products. Some people think that baby products are low irritation. In order to avoid skin irritation, substitute baby products.

But in fact, some skins have their own “flavors”, especially for oily acne skin, and you can’t simply use baby lotion to solve the problem.
  Strategy: For oily skin, it is recommended that a lotion supplemented with silica or white charcoal can effectively absorb excess oil on the face, reduce shine, and take into account moisture retention to achieve a perfect state of water and oil balance.
For MM with sensitive skin, there are products with low selective irritation, but it does not mean that baby products must not be irritating.

For MM with normal skin, just pay attention to daily supplementary hydration products.

And of course, dry skin needs to pick and moisturize.


The basis of dry skin and healthy skin is moisture. The dermis, epidermis, and cuticle are like brick walls that protect the skin from external damage. Skin cells are bricks that require moisture to connect them.Adhesion, less moisture, the bricks will easily collapse, forming uneven skin surface, pulling the shape of the pores irregularly, and the state of the pores will inevitably deteriorate over time.

  Strategy: Rehydration is an essential job all year round.

After washing the face, wipe the toner within 2 minutes: the moisturizing spray can reduce the skin surface temperature, and the lotion that needs to be wiped with a cotton sheet can soften the cutin and balance the pH.

After that, the moisturizing balance marked with oil-free is vulcanized. It will not make the skin feel dull and heavy, but can continue to deliver moisture to the skin.

If necessary, you can also apply whitening essence on the topic, or apply a moisturizing mask to enhance moisture delivery.