Fitness coach seven recommends healthy bodybuilding


Weight is not equal to body shape, 130 pounds of mm may also have a good figure.

What we need to do is not just to reduce weight, or to evenly distribute the muscles of the body to various parts.


Do not assume that weight-bearing exercises are muscle-building.

Boys and girls train to do the same thing.

Light weight, many times, exercise lines (for girls), heavy weight, less times, exercise muscles (for boys).

The above applies to all weight-bearing items such as dumbbells and squats.


There is only one way to lose weight: aerobic exercise.

No other local exercise can cause much effect.

For example, if you have a lot of excess belly, doing sit-ups is not as effective as running.


Diet should be controlled, less oil, less salt, less aunt.

The diet is not controlled, and exercise is useless.


The diet must be controlled, but it must be properly matched. The human body needs a certain proportion of sugar, trace amounts, protein, and protein every day. It is the healthiest to consume this proportion. Simply reducing one is not effective.

A member asked the coach whether he could lose weight if he did not eat staple food at night. The fitness coach Yizheng told him severely that he could not consume the staple food, but he must not absorb it.

Clinton did not eat staple foods for weight loss, and eventually led to heart bypass surgery, which is one of the consequences.


Many sports can be done daily at home, as long as the movement standard.

Attention: Keep your muscles tense and maintain tension.

For example, sit-ups aren’t to say that, like in the sit-ups for elementary school entrance examinations, someone presses your feet. You can just sit down and touch your head.

The most effective method is not to touch the ground when the head is down, and not to touch when the head is up, and keep the abdomen tension to come back and forth without rest.

You can try it, isn’t it tiring?


Weight loss and body shaping can be done at any time, not necessarily at the gym or professional venue.

Exercise is most effective anytime, anywhere.