[Can pregnant women eat almonds]_Almond_Pregnancy_Can I eat

Almonds have a good effect of moisturizing the lungs and asthma. Because of the multiple cough caused by colds and colds, they have a good relief effect. It is not recommended for pregnant women to eat almonds, because the acidic heat of the almond stomach is likely to cause significant harm.

1. Almonds are divided into sweet and bitter almonds.

Sweet almonds are generally produced in southern China. They are slightly sweet and delicate, and are mostly used for food. They have the effects of moisturizing the lungs, relieving cough, and smoothing the intestines.Produced in the north, with a bitter taste, it is mostly used for medicinal purposes. It has the effects of nourishing the lungs and asthma, and has a significant effect on the symptoms of phlegm, cough, and asthma caused by colds and colds.

2, bitter apricots are hot and sour, pregnant women may have the risk of slipping after eating. Due to the heavy heat of pregnant fetal pneumonia, the principles of medicine and food should be generally followed before birth.Slippery tires are taboo for pregnant women.

Bitter almonds contain the highly toxic substance naphthalene. In order to prevent its toxic substances from affecting the vitamins through the placental barrier, pregnant women are advised not to eat bitter almonds.

3, pregnant women can eat sweet almonds, which is good for fetal development and pregnant women.

But even sweet almonds, although there are certain benefits, but eating too much can cause constipation in pregnant women, so sweet almonds should be eaten less.