I ca n’t wake up during the lunch break

I ca n’t wake up during the lunch break to teach you how to “get out of sleep” in spring. Spring is coming, accompanied by Spring Girl, and Spring Sleepiness.
Netizens talked about all kinds of sleepiness: sleepy when seeing customers, sleepy when meeting, sleepy when facing the computer . Netizen “Xiao Ye” said that these days he hasn’t got enough sleep, can’t get up in the morning, and has no energy at work,sleepy”.
How can I get rid of spring difficulties?
  Do you think the “prevention device” works?
  White-collar Xiaoguo saw some online stores selling “anti-catch devices”, didn’t know if this thing worked?
He searched on a shopping website and found that dozens of stores were selling anti-lock devices at prices ranging from 2.

5 yuan to 25 yuan.
This anti-drowser looks like an earphone and works on the principle of electronic balance. If a person lowers his head by more than a certain range, a warning will be issued.
  However, some doctors said that this method of preventing sleepiness is not very desirable, and the sound of the sleeper suddenly makes sounds, which may not only stimulate the eardrum, but also the heart.
  Why people are “spring sleepy” Dr. Yu said that springtime is prone to drowsiness because the temperature rises rapidly, blood vessels on the human body surface expand, and blood flow on the body surface will be more.
The human body has too much yang, and the meridians and qi and blood are not smooth, which can easily lead to sleepiness.
  Remind me how to prevent spring sleep in spring?
Come and hear the advice of the experts.
Adjusting the mentality Experts said that the first element to prevent spring difficulties is to adjust the mentality, and the mentality must be balanced and pleasant.
Nourish your mind first, and think about the good things when things go wrong, don’t stick to your own feelings.
If you always think that you are losing and wronged, Qi will converge and not stretch.
2.Do more exercise. Spring is here. Be sure to increase the amount of exercise.
Whenever possible, exercise for at least half an hour in the morning and evening. Exercising is not recommended. Slight sweating is fine.
Through exercise, you can strengthen your physique and improve your tolerance. It doesn’t mean that you can’t adapt if the environment changes a little.
  If you feel drowsy and weak, you can pat your body gently with your hands and massage your extremities. If you feel dizzy and sore, you can shave a puppet and pull out a pot to clear the back.
Light diet: In terms of diet, it is best to eat lighter. Pay attention to vegetarian food.
To eat seasonal vegetables, eat more seedlings and sprouts to help the vitality of the human body.
For porridge, you can eat more seeds, mainly millet, you can add some beans, such as soybeans, red beans and so on.
  The temperature rises in spring and the air is dry. You can eat some foods that nourish yin, such as lily, yam, black sesame, etc., and you can also eat some fresh fruits such as apples.
Be careful when traveling. Old Chinese medicine reminds everyone that when driving, no debris should be placed on the bridge, especially the driver’s vision.
The driver should not be distracted by the scenery outside the car.
  If you stay up late the night before and feel bad the next day, try not to drive.
In addition, the weather is getting warmer, and people are prone to sleepiness at noon. When traveling, try to choose public transport.
If you are sleepy, you can drink water or drink a functional drink or eat some fresh fruits.