Distinguish the “thermometer” of TCM

The thermometer is one of the greatest pride of western medicine. The person who invented it must be a genius. I do n’t know why he did n’t give a Nobel Prize. Western medicine can often look down on Chinese medicine.
It has a long history!
The medicine is deep!
But let’s just talk about this fever. You have to wait and see, and go through four consultations and eight outlines, tossing and tossing, for a long time, there may not be results.
and I.
With just a small glass tube, the 5-minute hand can do it. Can you or me?
Yes, this is the advantage of western medicine.
Alas, who said that Chinese medicine has only a small silver needle and no small glass tube?
However, you have to be alert to Western medicine here. Your glass tube is not a panacea for Chinese medicine.
What is the evidence?
  The first thing to say is the “cold card.”
  Corresponding to the heat syndrome, TCM has a series of cold syndromes, and its quantity and “quality” are not inferior to the heat syndrome.
This cold card is a patent of traditional Chinese medicine. Western medicine does not know this book.
However, there is nothing to do with the thermometer, because the temperature of patients with cold syndrome does not drop, the glass tube is equivalent to a dummy.
It seems that the thermometer is only known to climb high and cannot go to the bottom of the society. There is no sense of poverty.
The tubes are hot regardless of the cold miles.
  Even for those with elevated body temperature, the thermometer may not be all useful.
  For example, exogenous wind cold is of course the cold syndrome in Chinese medicine. One of the main symptoms is “chills and fever”, which is accompanied by chills and fever.
At this time, the cold is self-sensation, the fever is objective, the cold can not be measured by the body temperature meter, but the fever can be measured by the body temperature meter.
This disease is called a cold or upper respiratory tract infection in Western medicine. Of course, the body temperature must rise.
According to the temperature table, this should be the heat syndrome, but Chinese medicine prefers to say that it is the cold syndrome, because it is “cold cold”. If it is treated according to the heat syndrome because of its body temperature, it must be curedThe man turned over.
It can be seen that the height of the thermometer does not necessarily indicate the cold and heat of Chinese medicine.
There is nothing wrong with the temperature table at this moment. What is wrong is the human head: mixing Chinese medicine with western medicine.
  There is also a heat syndrome in Chinese medicine that is not connected to the thermometer, that is, “yin deficiency and fever”.
  When it comes to yin deficiency fever, it is a very annoying fever.
It is often a “five heart fever”, two palms, two feet, and a heart nest, igniting a total of five fires.
It is even hotter in the afternoon.
After 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the sun was burning on his head and his body was raging. It was really the biggest torment in the world.
What is most unbearable is its “bone evaporation heat”. The heat is emitted from the bones, more like steamed from a steamer. Its unpleasant taste has not been experienced in any way.Come out, if you choose adjectives.
There was only one “dead alive.”
Yin deficiency and fever, Chinese medicine believes that it is serious and belongs to the category of “very hot”, but if you bring in a small glass tube, the temperature is usually not high, at most, it is a small low fever.Played a fool again.
  With the same file, there are also some fevers, such as “qi deficiency fever”, “yang deficiency fever”, and “congestive fever”. The body temperature often does not rise, and the body temperature table is beyond reach.
  In short, the cold and heat mentioned by Chinese medicine does not necessarily refer to the actual temperature of the body, but the thermometer only looks at people’s cold and warm. Based on this, you must use caution to judge cold and heat.
Of course, Chinese medicine must be used for traditional Chinese medicine. With it, it is definitely a good thing, but it is absolutely not the only thing. In the final analysis, it is still inseparable from syndrome differentiation.