Men most desire women’s love

First, give him little respect for “big man”, “big husband”, “big masters”, “little woman”, “little daughter-in-law” and so on.

From these titles, we can grind, a man, in the core of the family from beginning to end.

From ancient times to the present, the family model in China is “male outside, female inside”, so people usually call women “inners”, “splashing inside”, or “helping inside”.

  Therefore, women should not fight with men for rights in the family.

May wish to give the family sovereignty to the man, give the husband more self-esteem, and let him be a good man outside and behind the family.

Let him always feel that he is a man, raise his eyebrows and exhale, the scenery is beautiful.

Don’t let your husband’s hero be short of breath, and be a “captive bag” or “wasteful.”

  A man is the sky above a woman, and a man is the backbone of the family. This part of the woman cannot be replaced.

Therefore, good women always have to give their husbands some self-esteem, let their husbands stand up straight and be a capital man.

  Second, give him a little more trust. The main thing is that men have their own business, and the little one says that men have to support their families.

For the sake of home, they have to work hard outside, they have to deal with all kinds of people of different genders, ages and identities.

  As a wife, you must fully believe in your husband, and you don’t have to doubt your husband and the woman in it to say a word; nor do you have to worry about why he doesn’t always go home?

When he says he is busy, you believe that he is really busy. Do not doubt that he is lying to you.

Even if you call him and hear that he is singing and dancing in a high-end hotel, you have to be convinced that this is normal entertainment, not to look for something else.

  As a wife, don’t be suspicious, let alone punish your husband.

We must firmly believe that his husband is just outside acting, he will always love himself in the end.

  Third, give him a little more tolerance to make you tolerant, mostly because your husband has shortcomings, mistakes, or things that are sorry to you.

This tolerance, from my own perspective, is really easier said than done.

Because if you want to be tolerant, you must first be calm and rational.

  Fourth, give him a little more care about a man, and at the same time allow him to get plenty of food and clothing, and the most important thing is to care for his inner world.

To fully understand what the husband really needs and what he really likes.

Doing what you want is not just accommodating, or letting the husband truly realize his wishes and values.

  If a woman does not understand her husband in her life, she is truly a sad woman.

  If a woman, you say what the husband wants to say, and cause what the husband wants to do, what the husband wants, you let him get it.

I don’t think my husband will ever go outside to find satisfaction.

  Interpersonal communication is mainly heart-to-heart communication, especially between husband and wife.

The heart has a rhinoceros, not only relying on the tacit understanding between two people, but more importantly, women’s insight into the inner world of men.

To achieve the prophets and foresights requires a woman’s keen observation, careful realization and timely mental collision.

  Fifth, give him some more understanding of the difficulties and difficulties of men and men, especially men who play the important mission of succession in the family, and the important mission of Emperor Guangzong, is bound to have more responsibilities and obligations than women.

As a wife, you must learn to understand your husband. When a woman marries a man, you must keep in mind that you must be married to his relative, and to marry the entire background behind this man.

You should take the initiative to regard yourself as an important member of this extended family, and earnestly supplement your due responsibilities without having to worry about personal gains and losses.

In fact, the same family, whoever gets it is the same, and once lost, it is the loss of the entire family.

  To understand her husband is to give him a stepping stone to allow him to overcome obstacles on the way; to understand her husband is to give him an umbrella to protect him from the wind and rain.

To understand her husband is to give him more sympathy; give him more compassion; give him more support.

  Sixth, give him more protection. In fact, men are also very vulnerable.

They have seven emotions and six desires, and have rich emotions.

The wife not only wants to see the strong side of her husband, the most important thing is to take care of the weakness in his personality.

When a husband is frustrated outside, only home is the place to be comforted. As a wife, you must not laugh at his incompetence.At this time, he needs your comfort and needs your encouragement most.

  When your husband is struggling, you must use his enthusiasm to awaken his confidence; you must use his tenderness to relax him; you must use his passion to burn out his embarrassment and discouragement.

  Men’s youth is radiated from women. Without women giving men the warmth of sunshine, men will always bathe in Chunhui forever, and it will never be possible to be proud of the spring breeze.

  Seventh, giving him a little more help is that his wife is “a good helper”. This “help” is not only a helping hand in his career, but also the most important thing is to solve his worries.

Give him an extra filial piety in front of his parents-in-law for him; take an extra responsibility for his children.

Let him put aside all selfish thoughts and devote himself to the cause, this is the real help of a wife to her husband.

  In the storm, you can help him steer the oars; in hardships and pains, you can share with him.

Troubleshoot your husband is to help him release his psychological burden when he is upset; when he is successful, let him make a sober judgment in forgetfulness; help him pinpoint his position, and use your tender arms to give him strength at the critical moment.
  The success of a career is the real success of a man.

The success of a man comes from his wife’s constant support and selfless dedication.

  ”Behind a successful man, there must be a great woman,” this is the highest praise for a woman.

  Eight, give him more space. Men have a man’s world.

He has his own hobbies, hobbies, and so on. A woman must not let her husband change his nature for himself; let alone his personality.

Give him a free space, let him have a sky flying.

  You have to know that the world outside is so wonderful, it’s just a small station, a tired man, and his eternal home is in a warm home.

  Guarding his home is to light a gentle lamp for his husband and open a door for him forever.

Use the light of the lamp to guide him so that he will not lose his way; the open and closed door will make his harbor full of warmth.

  Since the man is the sky above the woman, give him a pair of wings and let him fly.

No matter how high the kite flies, you don’t have to worry about it, because the string is tightly held in your hands.

  Nine, give him a little more appreciation although saying “good medicine is bitter, loyalty is against the ear.”

But since vanity and self-esteem are human nature, most people like to hear praise.

It’s easier to accept a polite and implicit evaluation with praise than a fair criticism.

  Therefore, as a wife, you must use a magnifying glass to face the advantages of your husband; use a reduction lens to look into the husband’s shortcomings;

  ”Good words are warm in three winters, bad words hurt June cold.”

Every time your husband succeeds, you should applaud him in words of appreciation.

Even if he can get rid of a small problem, you will not prevent him from exaggerating his progress.

Let him mature in praise.

  Ten, give him a little more smile, “Encounter a smile, envy.”

Your smiley face can send warmth to your husband and make his heart shine like the sun.

  He will see the sincerity of your love from your smile; he can see the motherly kindness from your smile.

Your smile can melt the indifferent ice; your smile can eliminate all resentment.

Your smile makes him feel good; your smile makes him always confident.

  ”I do not know”.

A smile is a blooming flower, a smile is an abundant fruit; a smile is the breeze of summer; a smile is the sun of winter.

Face everything with your smiley face.

  True love is a kind of effort without words.

Women, living for men, are actually living for themselves.

Because you have realized your own value while giving everything to your husband.

  Women are mostly emotional, and if they are unsatisfactory, they cannot control their feelings and play their waywardness and temper.

Coupled with the fact that women’s belly is not wide enough, whenever the husband is sorry for himself, he considers himself the most unfortunate person in the world; the biggest victim; the most painful person.Therefore, because of grievances, he blindly seeks justice for himself, and even intensifies troubles.

As everyone knows this, her husband can only be forced to take a path of ruthlessness.

  Knowing current affairs is Junjie.

Even if the husband really does something that is sorry for you, you must think calmly, weigh the gains and losses, and grasp the degree of dispute with the husband.

The so-called Mianli hidden needles, Rou Kegang.

As a wife, give your husband a little more forgiveness and tolerance.

Your tolerance will move him and make him feel guilty.

Only guilt is atonement, and only gratitude is rewarded.