[How to make original roasted chestnuts]_Homemade methods of original roasted chestnuts_How to make original roasted chestnuts_How to make original roasted chestnuts

Although eating in the restaurant can satisfy our tongue desire, but it is also easy to overcome unhealthy things that have a certain impact on the body. Therefore, if there is a condition, it is recommended to go to the market to buy some ingredients to make them by themselves. The method of roasting chestnuts is very original.Simple and easy to buy ingredients.

1. Prepare the materials 2. Cut a mouth on the chestnut with a knife. Be careful!

The chestnut shell is slippery, don’t hurt your hands!

3. Put the cut chestnuts in the pot, add boiling water to the chestnuts, and soak them for five minutes, so that the chestnut shells absorb some water, so that the chestnut shells are not burnt during the roasting process, and the chestnut meat is not yet cooked.

4. Drain the chestnuts that have been soaked, then drain the surface moisture. Preheat the oven at 200 degrees. 5. Pour the edible oil into the drained chestnuts and mix well. 6. Place the chestnuts in the oven at 200 degrees and bake for 30 minutes.7, time is up, take out the baking chestnuts with insulated gloves 8, the fragrant chestnuts come to a plate!

Eating too many seasonings in a restaurant for a long time is not good for health. The method of roasting chestnuts in the original way is simple, and no seasonings are needed, and health is guaranteed.