Physically injured by blindly practicing yoga

About the reason why blindly practicing yoga is easy to hurt the body. The popularity of yoga in China is also a matter of recent years. Especially urban women are accompanied by extraordinary enthusiasm for yoga.There are also frequent physical injuries caused by practicing yoga, some because the coach is eager to achieve success, and some because this book practice privately, it is not essential.

So how does practicing yoga cause harm? People have some misunderstandings?

  News background A survey by the Injury Risk Research Centre in New South Wales, Australia revealed that one in four people practicing yoga has been injured.

The hospital treats many patients who are injured in practicing yoga. Most of them have tendon and ligament injuries, but no death cases have been heard.

  It was clinically found that the majority of patients injured in practicing yoga were women in their 40s.

This kind of muscle group contraction exercise must be adequate. The injured patient may be because the teacher is kind or the teaching method is incorrect. The student desperately pulls the muscle ligaments of the whole body. If they are not careful, sports injuries will easily occur.

  Many movements of yoga are the extreme gradients of the body, so experts recommend that you must be very gentle during the practice process. Don’t rush to achieve it. One step in place should be performed step by step according to the actual situation.

  ”Blindly pursuing difficult movements is easy to hurt.” When talking about yoga teachers, many people think that the body must be particularly soft and can twist like a twist!

In fact, the difficult movements that people see lead to the performance of some parts of yoga poses.

In order to demonstrate, the presenter often chooses some flawed and graceful movements.

“Zheng Xianhong, a yoga instructor training instructor at the Oriental Yoga Cultural Development Research Center, explained,” Many yoga teachers may be able to do some beautiful movements by their natural physical conditions, and have also gone through a short period of systematic study of yoga theory, but they may not necessarily know how to teach.

“Chen Weilun, director of the Yoga Professional Committee of the China International Federation of Health and Beauty Industry Development, also pointed out that although yoga is a sport, it is not a competitive sport. The purpose of the practice is not to participate in competitions. Some practitioners excessively and blindly demand beyondThe limit requires excessive flexibility of the body, which will inevitably bring some harm to the body, especially some older women.

For example, people over 40 years of age have already formed bones and will not reach such a level in the short term. If there are excessive requirements in this regard, some injuries may be caused.

Because the purpose of practicing yoga is not to win the championship, otherwise we must achieve the purpose of exercising.

  Improper practice of yoga, joints, muscles and even nerves are most vulnerable Now, because there are more people practicing yoga, there are more physical injuries caused, such as ligament strain, tibial laceration, arthritis, neuralgia, Achilles tendon tearCleft, lumbar disc herniation, etc.

Zheng Xianhong explained that “yoga sickness” refers to injuries to bones, muscles, etc. caused by inappropriate exercise methods.

  Chen Weilun pointed out that usually some muscles on special parts of the body are often stretched and often stimulated to cause some muscle strains and soft tissue hyperplasia.

But these are not big problems, and they will slowly recover.

Direct and serious injuries were caused at the sports scene, which we have not yet discovered.

The right training method can avoid these injuries.

  Self-practice should be done within its own power. Chen Weilun believes that many people now choose to learn by themselves and practice yoga by themselves.

If this method is not practiced properly, it will definitely hurt the body more than the exercise under the guidance of the coach.

  Yoga is not as simple as radio gymnastics. There are many asanas for practicing yoga, some of which are difficult for some people to do.

For example, the scorpion style requires that one leg be placed on the ground, suspend all other parts of the body, and raise your head to stretch your limbs; this position requires force balance on the support.

If you don’t have the process of exercise and practice, you want to reach this level from the beginning, and you can’t do it.

If you must do this, it will inevitably be very difficult, and it will cause harm to your body.

  Yoga practitioners choose their own training materials, and they should choose the discs or textbooks compiled by well-known yoga instructors or yogis.

When training the best textbooks on your own, you must first understand the content of the textbooks, practice according to your physical condition, and do what you can. You must not barely make it difficult and blindly pursue the difficulty of action.

  For example, some people are fat, and some actions will have a smaller amplitude when they are completed. It is almost impossible to perform some clever and relatively large actions.

Therefore, do not let your movements exceed the limit.

  Practicing yoga is the most important step by step. “I’ve seen a lot of training and I have students practice breath control from the beginning.

The correct way is to learn to breathe first, learn to control breathing, and then practice breathing.

Zheng Xianhong told reporters that there are some breath-holding actions and technical requirements in the breath adjustment.

“The inhaled oxygen produces carbon dioxide when it stays in the body and exhales out of the body.

When you can’t control your breathing function very well, practice tuning and holding your breath, and blindly refer to the book holding your breath to ten seconds or twenty seconds, and you will feel uncomfortable.

In fact, this is an injury to the body and a poison.

“Practicing yoga is the most important step by step, so to what extent is it difficult to exercise?

Chen Weilun believes that in general, the body can bear it, and he feels that he can achieve the purpose of exercise.Beyond the limit, blindly pursuing breakthrough movements is the biggest problem in practicing yoga by yourself.