New marriage sex education: you must know seven private topics


What method does the newlyweds use for contraception?

  Newlyweds can have contraception if they don’t want to breed too early.

It is best to use a condom and a contraceptive ointment to ensure the contraceptive effect and increase the lubricity of the vagina.

Condoms without any abnormalities, the most hygienic, the use of the law, will never affect the pleasure of sex, and can prevent some infectious diseases between husband and wife, both husband and wife and future children are safe and reliable.

If there is no other discomfort, you can always use this method for contraception.

Married 2?
After 3 months, when the woman’s vagina is slack, she can also use vaginal and vaginal plus contraceptive ointment.


What should I do if my first sexual intercourse fails?

  Failure to get married on a wedding night is also very common.

According to the analysis, the main reasons for the failure of the first sexual intercourse are: 10% of the penis has been weak (over-stressed) before sexual intercourse; 8% of ejaculation (excessive excitement, impatience) caused by ejaculation or just contact with female vagina before sexual intercourse;Females account for 35% of the pain; 15% of those who do not know sexual intercourse; 20% of the unknown.

From the beginning, the initial sexual intercourse failure is related to the experience of caressing. The inexperienced person accounts for 2/3 of the number of failures. After the initial sexual intercourse failure, one can account for 1/3 of the reasons. Most of the losers are experiencing 2?
After 5 trials, you can combine smoothly, so you don’t have to worry or worry if you fail. You can take a break and try again, or wait a day or two after the two sides are emotionally stable. After the marriage is relieved, try again.

If the man fails, the woman tries to “really useless”, “too bad” and other accusations often lead to a man who is deeply arrogant and surrounded by psychological setbacks of others.

At this time, if the woman can understand the truth, if nothing happens, some murmurs, and encourage and comfort the man, the man will regain courage and seek the harmony of sexual life.


Is bleeding and pain a virgin?

  The first sexual encounter in the first marriage is the “hymen” problem.

The hymen has always played a more important role in social and moral concepts than other sexual organs.

This is because it has always been considered a reliable indicator of women’s virginity, and even the only indicator.

In fact, from the perspective of medical practice, it is not scientific to judge whether it is a virgin with bleeding or pain.

Because not every virgin is bleeding or paining during the first sexual intercourse, and the characteristics of the hymen vary from person to person, thin, thick, loose, tight, large, small, and different in shape, some because of their movement, ridingThe car, the fall of the trauma, the menstrual plug, masturbation and other reasons ruptured; some are older female hymen has retreated; some are not very obvious at birth: some hymen is very pathological, although it remains intact after multiple sexual intercourse.
Therefore, if you simply engage in a hymen to determine the wife’s chastity, it seems extremely unfair.


Will contraception affect sexual life?

  Newlyweds who are prepared to take contraceptive measures, the first question they have repeatedly considered is whether contraception will affect the normal reaction of sex life?

In fact, a large number of scientific experiments have proved that various contraceptive measures, such as male condoms, female vaginal replacement, oral contraceptives and birth control rings, have no adverse effects on human body and sexual function, sexual life, and “provide for sexual life.”Freedom and psychological liberation.”

The so-called “sexual discomfort” that some people appear is not caused by the measures themselves, but by the psychological illusion, misunderstanding and even distortion of the long-term social influence.


Does semen outflow after sexual intercourse affect pregnancy?

  It is a common phenomenon that semen flows out of the vagina after sexual intercourse.

Usually, sometimes every time the jet is discharged, about 2?
5 ml of semen, which contains hundreds of millions of sperm, but in the end can pass through the cervix, the sub-agency to the fallopian tube waiting for fertilization of sperm is only a few, usually only 15?
50, no more than 200.

Among them, only a good first-handed, high-quality sperm, replaced by eggs, and combined in pairs to complete the life of the great cause.

Most of the rest of the sperm was rejected from the uterus, and the semen was discharged from the vagina.

In order to prevent the outflow of semen and improve the chance of conception, the woman’s buttocks can be raised during sexual intercourse, and then supine for two hours after sexual intercourse to ensure that the semen overflows without the cervix and reduces its outflow.

Because the excess semen is a natural phenomenon after vaginal replacement after sexual intercourse, it has no effect on conception.

Do you want to have contraception for honeymoon travel?

  Nowadays, marriage tourism is quite common. Although there are many advantages, newly married couples should not forget to pay attention to the consensus, so as to avoid the inferior “seed” at this time and regret for life.
Because the travel life is irregular, the mood is tense, the mental and physical fatigue, and the body’s resistance is also reduced, which will affect the quality of the sperm and eggs.

In addition, the climate varies greatly from trip to trip, and it is easy to catch cold, coupled with crowds, widespread pollution, poor sanitary conditions in washing and lodging, and easy to induce and spread diseases.

In particular, the infection of rubella virus and sexual virus is an important cause of miscarriage, premature birth, stillbirth or deformity or secondary infertility.

Medical and geneticists believe that pregnancy is a pleasant and pleasant living condition.

From the perspective of eugenics, if the newlyweds want to get pregnant early, they should not be honeymooners.

Honeymoon couples should take contraceptive measures, preferably after the end of the tour?
Re-pregnancy after 2 months.


Is it a temporary illness or a lifelong pregnancy?

  Every newlywed couple is looking forward to having a healthy and intelligent child to achieve this goal, although the bride of certain diseases is not suitable for pregnancy.

Such as heart disease, hepatitis, nephritis, tuberculosis, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, hypertension, epilepsy and other diseases, in addition, the woman suffers from benign cavity, pelvic, breast, thyroid and other benign tumors, surgery or treatment before pregnancy, so as to avoid pregnancyThe disease is aggravated and difficult to handle.

One or both patients with dementia or mental illness should not be pregnant for life.

In addition, severe heart disease, usually with poor heart function or heart failure, should not be pregnant for a lifetime, so as not to aggravate the condition after pregnancy, bringing life-threatening.

Therefore, some typical diseases should be sterilized after marriage.


Newly married in the same room to prevent certain diseases?

  One is a urinary tract infection.

Such as urethritis, cystitis, pyelonephritis and so on.

The prevention method is that both men and women should wash the genitals frequently. Before each sexual intercourse, both sides should clean the genitals and genitals. After the same room, women should urinate once and clean the genitals again to reduce the chance of infection.

The second is the same room syncope.

Because the bride is too nervous, fear or excitement, heart rate is accelerated, symptoms of cerebral anemia can occur in the same room, such as palpitation, shortness of breath, pale, cold sweat, blood pressure drop, pulse is weak, limbs are cold and cold, look awkward, aphasia and so on.

  In this case, the bride’s head should be lowered, drink a cup of sugar, usually slowly recover, if the mind is still unclear, should be sent to hospital for treatment.

The prevention method is that the bride should be in a good mood, not too nervous, the relationship between the two sides should be harmonious, the groom should restrain himself, the movement should be gentle, and should not be rude.

The third is female vaginal injury.

Such as vaginal tears, excessive bleeding, vaginal fistula injury, etc., these are the groom’s rough action, excessive force.

Especially if the husband lacks self-control ability and is violent sexual intercourse after drinking, these accidents may occur, and there is excessive bleeding and shock.